Green Offers is a brilliant idea, which was introduced by Joe Rodriguez and Kourosh Tari in Albuquerque in 2008.Green Offers Card
Green Offers intends to reduce waste of paper in form of printed coupons, promotional post cards, ads and everything that we all know as “Junk Mail”.

Green Offers also promotes a universal card, which would be Gift Card, Loyalty Card and Reward card, coupon and special offers card while it works in every business that is a member of GreenOffers Network..

GreenOffers, by all means, is the first specially designed Business Social Network. Participants will favor businesses, share their experience and support local small business while, unlike Face book, their identity and privacy is has the utmost importance.

GreenOffers, provides each business member with a Green Board, where everything about the business is organized within one page. Green Board is the best place for any visitor to learn about business, its coupons, special offers, events, job openings, location and lot more, at a glance,

Green Board reconciles all other business social media outlets and makes a snap to promote the business on Face book, Twitter, You tube and more.

Green Board is customizable and each business can make the board to look look and feel as their main web site.

GreenOffers, is not "Out there" in cyber space! We have released our free GreenOffers card processing software. This software provides a collection of tools, which can be used by any business to accept GreenOffers card, Process the card, check the number of visit by the customer, offer incentives to the customer's account and lot more.

We welcome you to Green Offers and invite you to contact us should you have any question.


We have several patents pending for modules and functions of GreenOffers. If you wish to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us.